The College Kitchenista’s favorite food blogs

by Lucy Nieboer

I get my eatspo from a lot of different places. Blogs are great way to bulk up your recipe resume because you can absorb a lot of info about many different dishes really quickly. Here are a few food blogs definitely worth checking out:

Read some of The Baker Chick's blog if an intricate and delicious dessert is what you crave. Her best recipes are for for cupcakes and ice creams. She keeps things very seasonal, if a bit trendy. This is definitely the place for all things sweet. 

Need some home style cooking? The Food Network's Ree Drummond got her start with her blog The Pioneer Woman. This ranch wife and mother cooks up hearty meals to feed a crowd. She is budget conscious and a bit kooky; a winning combination. 

If you're all about the images check out Food Porn Daily. Avoid this site if you're on a diet; these pics induce major saliva production. 

Lost in a sea of cyber cooks? DailyBuzz Food brings you the highlights of the foodie blogosphere. With a daily theme and "top 9" of the day, it's easy to browse for your new favorite food blog to follow.