Al Franken best for US Senate race

We support Franken for a second term as senator in Washington.

The race for Minnesota’s contested Senate seat is still fairly close, with recent polls suggesting that Democratic incumbent Sen. Al Franken is ahead of Republican challenger Mike McFadden by about 10 percentage points. While Franken has been criticized by his opponent for inaction and siding too often with President Barack Obama, in actuality, he had a successful start in Washington. 

While it’s important for Minnesota politics that McFadden poses a strong challenge, we support Franken in continuing what he started: serving Minnesotans, especially students.

Franken has enacted a number of measures benefiting students. As a co-sponsor of the DREAM Act and student loan and open-textbook bills, Franken supports getting everyone in Minnesota a quality education. He also has big plans for the future of higher education in Minnesota.

Though Republicans recently blocked his student loan refinancing bill, Franken has promised to continue fighting for students to be able to refinance their loan debt, claiming that “we will revisit this, and it will get done.”

Apart from education, Franken has strongly supported net neutrality and renewable energies like biodiesels, and he even fought for a provision in the health care reform law that resulted in health insurance companies focusing on actual treatments instead of exorbitant administration salaries. 

While he still has room for growth as a leader, Franken has had successes in his first term and gained valuable experience that would serve him well in a second term.