Walk of shame no more

Maybe just pack a pair of flip flops in your purse next time you go out.

by Anne Hiner


The good often comes with the bad, and needless to say, getting lucky doesn’t always mean a lucky morning. Sequin dresses and 6-inch stilettos aren’t exactly early morning attire and might just make you an obvious victim of the classic walk of shame. Ladies, the fashionista is in, telling you that this is avoidable.

Recent fashion trends make it appropriate to trash the fancy get-ups and steal from the fortunate gentleman’s closet. Rather than wasting your time in regret, celebrate your night of unexpected victory with an outfit you’ll want to dance home in to the tunes of Hall and Oates.

Hopefully you landed a dude with a decent fashion sense so your painful, fast-paced treks can turn into fashion-forward struts.


Steal his T-shirt

As long as you don’t spend hours sniffing his scent in the dark while blasting the “Twilight” soundtrack, a T-shirt steal gets the fashion green light.

Whether your “friend” has a closet full of interesting vintage tees or just a drawer full of simple white Hanes V-necks, you have struck gold because you will now be able to put together an outfit that might even look better than last night’s over-the-top dress from Express.

Layer these on top of leggings, or simply tuck them into your shorts or skirt, and you will be free to roam Fourth Street without thinking that the honks and cat calls are heated with mockery.


Rock his cap

Your head full of pageant curls may have looked elegant the night before as you felt like the beauty queen of Blarney. But after a night full of Long Islands and other unspoken mishaps, the entire bottle of hairspray you used may do mysterious things to your do. Rather than sporting the “I just got electrocuted look,” try something daring and different.

Pair his T-shirt with one of his caps. Rocking the tomboy look isn’t always a no-no. In the summer, rock a backward baseball hat; in the winter, grab a knit beanie. You’ll not only cover up that mop on your head but also look so darn cute doing it.


All about the flannels

If you have landed yourself with a dude with a variety of flannels packed into his wardrobe, you deserve a trophy. These cozy button-ups are timeless and just about the only thing ’90s fashion did right.

Luckily, they also pair well with just about everything, even that little black dress of yours. The simple addition of a flannel to your night-out attire will transform you from walk-of-shamer to fashion-hall-of-famer.


Throw on the sunglasses

A little imagination can do wonders to your walk-of-shame look, but a walk of shame is still a walk of shame. The entire journey home is often spent in prayer that you won’t run into someone you know. No one wants to run into an ex-boyfriend while smelling of booze and sweat, just like no guy wants to run into his ex-girlfriend with his painfully noticeable beer belly. Snag your new man’s aviators or blue blockers. A sunglasses steal will keep you looking trendy and incognito.


Thank goodness for fashion trends that say it’s OK to dress in men’s clothing. Though it must be noted that a fashion raid into your new friend’s closet usually means you’ll have to talk to him again, and for that, I apologize.