Quiz: How honest are you ?

by by Lolita


Find out where you rank in the honest meter and what that says about you …

1. In geometry class, you see your friend’s crush cheating off her paper. You …

a. Don’t say a damn thing.
b. Launch an airplane that reads,
“Yo’ man is cheatin’ off you, girl.”
c. Take the lavatory pass and activate the fire alarm — you’ve always harbored that fantasy anyway.

2. While your best friend is telling a story, she takes credit for something you did. You say…

a. “Look over here,” and interrupt the lie by showing off improvised tap moves.
b. Not a damn thing.
c. “No you di’int!!!”

3. At the mall, a total loser asks for your digits. You …
a. Laugh at him then say, “Recognize this, I ain’t no foo’, boy.”
b. Take pity and invite him to your “N’SYNC 2000 POOL BASH” — after all, there’s no strings attached.
c. Give him your worst enemy’s cell number …

4. Finish this sentence. “I lie …”

a. “repeatedly before University and NCAA investigators.”
b. “once a year — maybe.”
c. “only when it makes mine fine self look real nice.”

5. On the first day at your new summer job, you see a boy blow snot into the cupcake batter. You …

a. Keep quiet, even while customers indulge in the finished product.
b. Mention to him that mucus is not sanitary in an eating establishment.
c. Slap that boy on the back of his head and say, “That’s some nasty ass shit!”

The Pivotal Points
1. a-0 b-2 c-1
2. a-1 b-0 c-2
3. a-2 b-1 c-0
4. a-0 b-1 c-2
5. a-0 b-1 c-2

The Almighty Answers

8 points or more
Honesty Hussy
Your saucy bluntness is greatly appreciated. Although it may startle people, your honesty belongs to a dying breed.
ù Perfect Match 4 U — RuPaul

4 to 7 points
Borderline Bitch
You beat around the bush and act cowardly far too often. Some folks may consider that cute, sweet, and endearing, but I’m not one of them.
ù Perfect Match 4 U — Mark Yudof

3 points or less
Fictitious Floozy
You are foul and possess no integrity, but you sure know how to dress superbly.
ù Perfect Match 4 U — Clem Haskins.