Franken is the choice

This letter is inspired by Mark LarsonâÄôs Thursday letter titled, âÄúFranken is not the choice.âÄù In the letter, Larson cites the same criticisms of Al Franken that the National Republican Senatorial Committee uses in its negative television advertisements, such as his taxes and workerâÄôs compensation issues. I will not take the time to respond to these critiques, because Franken and his campaign have long ago done a sufficient job in responding and defending these claims. However, LarsonâÄôs biggest complaint is that Franken is no Paul Wellstone, like he says to be. Larson is right âÄî Franken is not Paul Wellstone. But Franken has never made that claim. But that is not the point. Franken brings a passion and genuine desire to serve Minnesota that Wellstone would be proud of. He stands by the same principle that we do better when we all do better. I think Larson and I would agree that this is an important senatorial race, where the seat that Wellstone, six years ago, so honorably held, is up for grabs. It is obvious, then, that when it comes to choosing the candidate who will work with relentless zeal and aspiration to serve the interests of all, the choice is Al Franken. Aaron Bingea University student