More enforcement against offending cyclists

by Michael Moore - University staff

Kudos on the great column in ThursdayâÄôs Daily by Mike Munzenrider, âÄúCyclists: Please donâÄôt tread on us.âÄù You did a great public service publishing the piece. I wish we could hand copies to every student on campus. As someone who commutes by bicycle, I am dismayed by how many bicyclists break vehicular laws such as speeding past stop signs and stop lights. It is not just a matter of breaking the law but also of putting others in danger.
The University should take some heat for this terrible safety problem. If University officials say they will not let this happen, steps could be taken to make our streets and sidewalks safer. The bike patrol could be posted at trouble spots and write citations to anyone who blows through a stop sign. If theyâÄôd like a suggestion, set up shop on Pleasant Street Southeast in front of Johnston and Fraser halls. TheyâÄôll get writerâÄôs cramp writing the citations, but people would get the message.