Daily Digest – Maple Grove murder, U.S. runners third

by Alex Ebert

Good afternoon campus. My annual spring reminder came this weekend with the Boston Marathon, and that means the long run of the semester is close to the end. If you’ve got a second, take a quick break to check out these tidbits of news.

There was a shotgun murder in Maple Grove Sunday where a man shot a woman the Star Tribune called his "on-again, off-again" girlfriend. The murder, which took place outside of a McDonald’s, was the first homicide in eight years in Maple Grove.


Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison can tweet with their minds, part of one of the applications they use to help disabled people communicate online. A story published by Wired Magazine yesterday documented the research that uses complex machinery to help disabled people communicate electronically.


Kara Goucher placed third in the Boston Marathon Sunday. The Duluth native thought she had a good chance at winning the event. Ryan Hall, the other top American contestant, also came in third in the men’s division.