Letter to the editor: Protesters went too far with Gov. Walz’s campus visit

Shouting at Gov. Walz instead of listening to him is not a healthy way to get things done.

by Letter to the Editor

The University of Minnesota is a hub for political debate and thought that gets people talking. A lot of things that happen here at the University of Minnesota get people talking. 

Last fall’s football season was just one example. Unfortunately, what happened last Friday was another one when protesters stopped our governor from having a chance to have a simple conversation.

Instead, protesters shouted, screamed and then went up on stage with signs and interrupted the governor almost every time he tried share a thought or answer a question. 

It was beyond embarrassing. Colleges and universities are supposed to be places where we have conversations about ideas to learn and share opinions. Of all people, the governor that was elected by 68% in Hennepin County should be able to voice his opinion and action plan for issues that affect Minnesota. Instead, the protesters turned a Humphrey Institute forum into a flawed platform for their arrogance. 

It was even more amazing to watch Governor Walz to continue to try to have a conversation with people who clearly were never going to listen.

For the people who took part in the protests, great job. Spending all your time shouting instead of listening to the governor or others probably did more to build support for Line 3.  

People should talk about this University in awe of the medical advances, in reference to thought provoking political science theories, or in excitement of the student life at the U. All of these things can be done without demonstrations that prohibit free speech.

Drew Allred is a sophomore at the University of Minnesota.

This letter to the editor has been lightly edited for style and clarity.