Coffman Union is a dream realized

In regards to Mark Byers’ Jan. 22 letter “Coffman Union is a disappointment,” we would just like to talk about all of the benefits Coffman Union has to offer.

For the last three years students have wandered around campus without much of a sense of community or unification. Just within these last few days, we have seen the Coffman Union transform our freezing campus into a bustle of excitement and reunion.

Finally, the University has a place to call home. We can walk around Coffman now and see everyone including alumni and faculty, new students and seniors, all in awe and enjoying a place that unites us all.

Coffman has everything! A theater, a bowling alley, fireplaces, more than 10 places to find good eats, tons of lounge and study space, great views and so much more that we would need several pages to describe it all.

Even though it took a long time to complete, now we have a place that is being considered the best union in the nation! If anyone could possibly think that the new Coffman is a disappointment, we would just like to invite that person back to the Union to see the smiles and the warm reunions that Coffman has given a home to.

Coffman added all of the top 10 items that students wanted to see in their new union. If after coming back to visit the union you still aren’t satisfied with its benefits, we challenge you to try to create a union that will satisfy the needs and wants of 46,597 students, 15,379 faculty members and 52,000 alumni members with only $72 million and 3 years time. We are confident that you couldn’t do better.

Cyndee Pelt


Carlson School;

Jeff Cremin


Institute of Technology