Expand PSEO

Expanding PSEO to younger students improves access to education.


The Post-Secondary Enrollment Options program, which lets Minnesota high school students take college courses, could expand to ninth and 10th graders instead of just the upper grades. The House Education Reform Committee recently approved a bill to this effect, according to the Daily Planet.

PSEO currently allows high-achieving juniors and seniors to take college classes for free during high school years — with the college classes replacing regular high school classes. Rep. Dean Urdahl’s bill would allow students of any achievement level to take a PSEO class and continue if successful. While expanding the program to all students is the right step, it comes with negative effects like students missing out on their high school experience. There’s also the concern of parents pushing their children to take PSEO classes when they may not be ready or don’t want to.

While those issues exist, giving all students a chance at PSEO is fair and a move in the right direction — the pros outweigh the cons. It allows all students a chance to expand their knowledge and challenge themselves. It is also the perfect way for middle-class students, who normally do not receive scholarships or grants when they get to college, to save on their college education.

Allowing all high school students the option of PSEO would give more students the chance to explore different topics in creative college courses. PSEO is also a better option than Advanced Placement classes in high schools, because students are guaranteed the credit if they pass the class instead of the credit depending on a test score at the end. PSEO offers a new environment for high school students to learn and interact with driven college students. Offering PSEO to all students is a good idea and should be welcomed.