Lee Greenfield

Democrat Lee Greenfield’s connections to the University go back to 1963 when he enrolled as a graduate student. Since then, he has taught in the General College and, for the last 20 years, he has represented the University area in the state House of Representatives.
The DFL-endorsed incumbent said he has a progressive voting record, supporting higher education, health care and affirmative action. Greenfield also said he’s pro-choice and supports the gay and lesbian community, including their right to marry.
Although he supports all of the state’s higher education, Greenfield said the state has a special obligation to the University and state schools. He added that he strongly supports financial aid.
“The more students who can afford higher education, the better off the state of Minnesota is,” he said.
In the state Legislature, Greenfield chairs the Health and Human Services Finance Committee and he said his no. 1 commitment has been to health care.
An advocate of universal health care, Greenfield said that “making sure we have quality health care” and controlling health care costs is his major issue. He has also worked to raise legislative funds for programs which combat the HIV virus.