Let’s work together

by Cassandra Sundaram - University Student

The GOP has done it. It has risen from the wallowing and depression that the party sank into following President Barack ObamaâÄôs election in 2008 and restructured the party in a way that has produced extreme success in this midterm election. The overhaul the Republican Party went through, realized in its ever-public “Pledge to America” âÄî a reassertion of the same old conservative beliefs and policies âÄî seems to have really convinced the American people of their competency to run the government.

Now that the Republicans have clinched an overwhelming majority in the House, America will watch as they work in a spirit of bipartisanship with fellow colleagues across the aisle and strive tirelessly to bring forth legislation that will facilitate the growth and betterment of America, its economy, its society and its people.

But how can we trust they will be able to do so?

LetâÄôs face it, America. For too long we have deluded ourselves into believing that both parties can make sacrifices and work together in order to bring about swift change and quality legislation. For too long we have been disappointed in the way that our government operates; whether youâÄôre a Democrat or a Republican, both parties have failed to make concessions that would make better bills and a better America. I donâÄôt think politicians have lost sight of what is truly important; too much of the time, they are much more focused on the strategy of politics than they are on working with their unsavory partners across the aisle.

IâÄôm not saying government doesnâÄôt work âÄî it can. It works when politicians use it as it was designed: to promote change for a better America, not a divided one. And I donâÄôt think we, as Americans, are as inherently divided as the media portrays us.

The media often puts forth fantastical biases that are able to convince people of the worst in a candidate. The defacing biases they present are designed to judge, attack and humiliate.

If Americans are people who get things done together every day, regardless of which party they belong to, why is it that politicians in Washington are so incapable of this basic cooperation once they sit down in Congress?

As Republicans take control, letâÄôs show them how Americans cooperate. LetâÄôs make them move forward.