Culture Compass — Lil Wayne, “The Room” and Temper Trap

A&E plans your weekend. You’re welcome, human beings.


Music – Temper Trap, Delphic, The Hundred in the Hands

First Ave. 701 First Ave. N

6 pm



YouâÄôve probably heard their single, âÄúSweet Disposition,âÄù in commercials for Chrysler and Diet Coke, but these Australians are more than just capitalists looking for a quick buck. Sophisticated musical chops have inspired repeated comparisons to Arcade Fire and Animal Collective. Do you believe the hype?



Music – ATB

Epic , 110 N. 5th St.

9:00 p.m.



There are certain names in electronica that are spoken in awe. ATB is one of those. Originally the brains behind the early âÄô90s German group, Sequential One, ATB has grown to become one of the most influential trance DJs in the world. Get your glow sticks people and rave, rave, rave.



Film âÄì âÄúThe RoomâÄù

Uptown Theatre, 2906 Hennepin Ave.

11:55 p.m.



Arguably the worst film to gain the most attention in years, âÄúThe RoomâÄù is director Tommy WiseauâÄôs self-indulgent cult film farce. ItâÄôs seriously bad, but in the fun kind of way. If you like throwing popcorn and laughing at stilted dialogue, this will be your kind of night.




Listen to this: Lil Wayne âÄì I am Not a Human Being


Weezy is in jail, but releasing songs. How?! ItâÄôs one of the unanswerable questions of our generation. His newest album, much like his others, focuses on WeezyâÄôs belief that he is an alien. An undeniably good record, âÄúI am Not a Human Being,âÄù more than makes up for his terrible 2009 release, âÄúRebirthâÄù.


Drink this: Pumpkin Spice Lattes


ItâÄôs October and fall is in full swing. Even though it has been Indian Summer lately, it will get colder in the mornings, and nothing says, âÄúIâÄôm late to class because I wanted a warm drinkâÄù like a pumpkin spice latte. At more than four dollars a pop at some coffee shops, you canâÄôt afford to not get one of these.


Eat this: BaldyâÄôs BBQ, 1813 Riverside Ave.


The newest kid in town when it comes to barbecue, this place is pretty good. ItâÄôs messy, but isnâÄôt that part of the fun?


Watch this: Jackass: 3D


The latest installment of the psychotic MTV group, they came closer to killing themselves than ever before, but this time in 3D. Hey, isnâÄôt there an article about it in this weekâÄôs paper?


Read this: âÄúAt Home: A Short History of Private LifeâÄù by Bill Bryson


âÄúHouses are really quite odd things,âÄù Bryson quips in his latest book on domesticity. From examining salt shakers to clothes hangers, Bryson looks at everyday items we take for granted. ItâÄôs a fascinating look into how standard household items have been incorporated into our lives.


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The average college student probably spends as much time on Netflix as they do at class, at least we in A&E do. This hilarious blog collects the most ridiculous reviews on the video streaming website. ItâÄôs stunning how the everyday viewer can come up with some of the most bizarre thoughts on a film or TV show.