Two U students arrested in drive by BB gun shooting

Police arrested two male University students early Saturday morning for shooting BBs at a mo-ped rider from their moving car. According to the police report: The two students, both 19 years old, decided to drive around shooting BB guns at signs and people. They hit at least one person âÄî mo-ped rider Tyler Schmidt , 23. Schmidt said he was driving his moped on University Avenue near Sixth Avenue when he was hit with what he thought was a paintball. The two students allegedly shot Schmidt, with whom they were not acquainted, three times, which gave him welts that he later showed police. After Schmidt called police, they arrested the two men and confiscated their BB guns and bullets and took them to the University Police Department for interviewing. One of the students said they were shooting at signs and didnâÄôt mean to hit anyone, but the other said they had gone out with the intent to shoot at people. Police arrested both of them on suspicion of terroristic threats, a felony, because their shooting could have caused âÄúgreat bodily harm or death,âÄù and because their target was driving, according to the report. The Hennepin County AttorneyâÄôs Office contacted police and told them that the office would decline these charges. The case is being forwarded to the Minneapolis City Attorney . CMU thief caught booking it Saturday, a thief tried to walk out of the Coffman Union bookstore with $375 dollars worth of contemporary orthodontics books but was caught by security, according to the police report. Security chased down the bookstore thief, who admitted he took the books while he was high. According to the report: Bookstore security confronted Duran Boatman, 47 , after alarms were set off by the books he carried out of the store. Boatman gave the books back and then ran out of CoffmanâÄôs west doors. Ryan Kirker , bookstore loss prevention manager, chased after him. Kirker cornered Boatman near the Mississippi River, but Boatman squeezed through a fence and threatened to jump off a cliff if Kirker called the police. When Kirker told him that he had already called the police, Boatman sat down on the sidewalk and complied. When police arrived and arrested him, Boatman confessed to taking the books and also said that he had earlier smoked crack and taken ecstasy, according to Sgt. David WilskeâÄôs report, which supplemented the first report on the case. Police gave Boatman a citation for theft, issued him a trespassing warrant and an ambulance took him to Hennepin County Medical Center to treat his possible narcotics consumption. Arson in the Mall A flier post was lit on fire Sunday outside of Smith Hall . According to the police report, the Minneapolis Fire Department responded to a call around 2:30 a.m. to put out the fire. The board was damaged on all sides and along the top edge. Police are investigating the incident; there are currently no leads. University police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner said lighting a flier post on fire is a monthly occurrence, and one that âÄúunfortunately is easy to do.âÄù He said the arsonists are often people who disagree with the posted literature.