Students to offer ‘valuable voice’ in choosing U leaders

Students will sit on the Regent Candidate Advisory Council starting January.

For the first time in the University’s history, students will have the chance to help choose some of the institution’s leaders.

After changes in the last legislative session, two students will sit on the Regent Candidate Advisory Council – a 24-member panel created in 1988 to recruit and identify candidates for the Board of Regents.

“Two students might not be able to sway votes, but I think that this is a really open-minded committee,” said Jake Elo, a student representative to the Board of Regents. “They are interested in hearing what the students have to say.”

Students will sit on the council starting January and will be chosen by the Minnesota Senate president and the Minnesota House of Representatives speaker.

Each will appoint one student to serve a two-year term, and new students will be appointed each even-numbered year.

Current council members said they look forward to working with student members.

“Students offer a unique and valuable perspective,” said Paul Dovre, current council chairman. “By virtue of their experiences as students, the new members will add to the diversity of our group.”

Elo also said the new law provides a valuable voice to the student body.

“Before this change, there was no formal avenue for students to comment on the selection process,” Elo said.

The advisory council will accept applications from students until December. Any students enrolled in a degree-seeking program are eligible, and applications are available on the Minnesota Secretary of State Web site –