Social host ordinance offers peace and quiet

by Chris Parker

Nora Leinen is right: âÄúCities and states should constantly look for ways to âĦ curb binge drinking.âÄù She makes the point that nothing done so far seems to be helping. But cities and states have other responsibilities, too, like maintaining quality of life for non-students and for non-binge-drinking students. And that is something social hosting ordinances are much more successful at. I live next to the University of St. Thomas, and let me tell you, their binge drinkers put ours to shame: 100 students packed in a garage shouting âÄúchug-chug-chug,âÄù underage drinkers urinating in public, drunken students shouting âÄú[Expletive] you!âÄù at each other on the street at 3 a.m. St. Paul recently passed a social hosting ordinance, and I donâÄôt know if it had any effect on consumption, but the neighborhood got quiet and stayed quiet. IâÄôm in favor. Chris Parker, University staff