No excuse for shooting silence

The University must inform students of danger in a timely manner.

by Chase Stroschein

I am personally outraged âÄî and IâÄôm sure others on this campus are as well âÄî about the University of MinnesotaâÄôs failure to alert the student body in a timely and urgent manner regarding the shooting that occurred last evening near Centennial Hall. The University places great emphasis on protecting its students and taking the proper measures to alert them to potential dangers that may arise. Clearly, this did not happen last night, considering no emergency e-mail or text message was sent immediately after the shooting was reported. An e-mail-issued crime alert wasnâÄôt received until around noon today âÄî a full 12 hours after the shooting. I understand the necessity of getting facts and stories straightened out in order to release a partially-effective crime alert, but there is absolutely no excuse in this situation for the complete lack of immediate response. In the four years IâÄôve been here, I cannot recall an actual on-campus shooting in progress, not to mention one that happens so near the heart of the East Bank. What happened to the text alert system that has been used several times in the past years? How come no emergency alert e-mail was sent out immediately after reports of a shooting were received and confirmed? This University needs to get its act together when it comes to notifying students in a timely manner of potential threats, especially on-campus shootings which endanger so many defenseless people. There is no excuse for such poor timing in alerting the student body; it is beyond fortunate that nobody else was innocently attacked in such an unpredictable situation. Chase Stroschein, University undergraduate student