The Afghan War Rag

by Bruce Arnold

Wake up, texters, listen in, Uncle SamâÄôs after more bogeymen. Dubya left Barack in a terrible jam, way over in Afghanistan. So put down your iPhone and pick up a gun. WeâÄôre gonna have a whole lotta fun.
Chorus: And itâÄôs one, two, three; what are we fighting for? Not freedom or our fellow man; next stopâÄôs Afghanistan. And itâÄôs five, six, seven; open up the pearly gates. well there ainâÄôt no need to wonder why, for peak oil weâÄôre all gonna die.
Well come on, McChrystal, letâÄôs move fast, your big chance has come at last. Gotta kill all those towelheads, though Muslims ainâÄôt who we should dread. Our robber barons, theyâÄôre the ones, who blew the Towers to kingdom come.
Well, come on Wall Street, donâÄôt move slow. Since 9-11, itâÄôs go-go-go. ThereâÄôs plenty good money to be made, supplying both sides with the tools of the trade. Just hope if they grab a Pakistani bomb, they drop it on the Taliban.
Well, come on, mothers throughout the land, send your child to Afghanistan. Come on fathers, donâÄôt hesitate, Send âÄòem off before itâÄôs too late. Be the first one on your block to have your kid come home in a box.
Thank you to Country Joe McDonald.
Bruce Arnold, Daily reader