‘Need’ change

by Rachel Pollack

I am pleased that University President Bob Bruininks took time in your recent interview to address the accusations against him. Unfortunately, reading his solutions made me realize that he is more disconnected from student needs than I thought. There are thousands of need-based scholarships out there, using the federal cutoff for âÄúneed.âÄù My best friend was counting on these scholarships to help her and her sisters through college, until her father received a raise our senior year of high school. Suddenly, she was on the wrong side of the need-based scholarship line, severely limiting her choice of colleges. She spent most of our senior year focusing on applying to as many scholarships as possible. These are the people who need the extra funding right now: Students whose parents make enough that they arenâÄôt classified as âÄúneedyâÄù but still have to take out ridiculous loans and work two jobs to get through college. Need-based scholarships are a nice idea, but President Bruininks, our definition of need has changed. Rachel Pollack University undergraduate student