Police: Drug charges ‘likely’ after arrest

by Alex Robinson

University Police responded to an armed robbery call involving a male suspect at approximately 3:56 p.m. Tuesday at the corner of Huron Boulevard and Washington Avenue Southeast, according to University Police.

Five police vehicles responded, two unmarked. Officers drew weapons on three men, who were put face down on the ground in the drive-through exit of Arby’s, between the restaurant and ZLB Plasma Services.

The men were handcuffed, but later released at the scene. No shots were fired.

Mike Williams, who was among those handcuffed and released, said he was getting a bus transfer from one of the other men who was handcuffed and released.

Williams said he didn’t know either of the two other men, one of whom was placed in the backseat of a squad car before his release.

“Talk about wrong place, wrong time,” Williams said, pointing to his rain-soaked jeans.

Witnesses said a woman falsely reported the crime to police.

Later, the woman’s boyfriend and another man were taken into custody in a parking lot behind 2221 University Ave. S.E.

Police towed a white car the girlfriend said she owned. The vehicle was near Arby’s, at the scene of the first part of the incident in which its occupants brandished a large knife and baseball bat, witnesses said.

Initially, employees at Arby’s and ZLB Plasma Services said neither of the establishments was connected to the incident.

Later, University Police Officer Shawn Jackson confirmed the events in the Arby’s drive-through exit were related to the arrests made later.

“They are one long incident,” he said. “It began at the plasma center and ended (in the parking lot).”

Jackson said it is “likely” drug-related charges will be filed against at least one of the men currently in custody.