Target teams up with Neiman Marcus for holiday line

by Tony

Despite its big-box status, Target has a long history of collaboration with big-name brands like Isaac Mizrahi, Missoni and Justin Timberlake's William Rast. These designer pieces sold wellsometimes too welland cemented Target's reputation as a one-stop shop for chic but affordable clothes and also cat food. Now, the Minneapolis-based retailer has just announced a partnership with luxury department store Neiman Marcus, its biggest name yet.

The upcoming holiday line will feature more than 50 products, including clothing, home wares and electronics accessories. Mark Jacobs, Rag and Bone, Diane von Furstenberg and over 20 other Neiman staples will be represented in the limited collection. The two stores feature wildly different pricing, but this collection will fall more on the Target side, with most items priced under $60.

"We definitely have our differences," said Target's Kathee Tesija, of the odd pairing. "They're high end, and we're mass appeal. But we both love design."

To avoid the rampant sellouts and EBay reselling that plagued the Missoni launch last Fall, Target said they would be putting limits on how much each shopper can buy from the Neiman collection, which will all be sold in one area of the store.