The big picture

This letter is in response to Tony Dahlman’s letter to the editor titled “Listening to the protestors” that appeared in the Monday, Oct. 28 issue of the Daily. My apologies to Dahlman, the distracted teachers, the “poor lady” who was late for her dentist appointment and to all others who experienced petty inconveniences as a result of Thursday’s rally against the war in Iraq.

But please take a step back and look at the big picture because your uninterrupted peace at the bus stop is not a pressing issue that demands attention. The aim of the rally transcends these negligible disturbances, as the proposed war will inevitably lead to the death of many innocent Iraqi civilians and soldiers.

While you wrestle with the issue of anti-war fliers on campus, remember that these people will be faced with bombings, death and destruction in their towns. Where you now hear the cries of the starving Iraqi children, you might soon hear nothing because our bombs will have silenced them. The goal of this war is not to liberate the children or the people of Iraq; don’t be fooled into thinking that it is.

Chris Mitchell, junior, English