Men want more Halloweens

by Tim McDevitt

Paige VigilâÄôs Halloween column provides a piercing look into the lady co-ed mindset, as it pertains to Halloween costume choices. Bare midriffs, revealed legs, exposed tight buttocks and cleavage all contribute to the notice and desire. As an observant male, I appreciate the gesture and applaud your genderâÄôs freedom of expression. Really, and I speak for all men here, we do. VigilâÄôs surprise that most men are not necessarily after a âÄúHalloween Hookup,âÄù points to her femaleness, which, of course, is a planet removed from the male point of view. A majority of my male friends look at this weekend of exposure like the last blast of summer beach female body exposure. After all, we have the ability to visit any number of gentlemenâÄôs clubs any week of the year to observe sexually explicit activities performed by consenting women. So why do men enjoy the parade of female body parts revealed in racy costumes? Because weâÄôre men. And we would like Halloween more than once a year. Speaking for fellow gender comrades, we are dying to know VigilâÄôs vixen look of choice this Halloween. Tim McDevitt University graduate student