U fraternities lift drinking ban

Fraternities will limit house guests to a one-to-one ratio to fraternity members present.

by Adam Daniels

The moratorium on alcohol at the University of Minnesota fraternities has been replaced.
After six weeks, the University of Minnesota Interfraternity Council has decided to forgo the ban in favor of a new set of policies that will once again allow drinking in the houses.
IFC president Martin Chorzempa said the decision was made following deep discussions with the University and fraternity houses.
âÄúItâÄôs not like we just said, âÄòOk, weâÄôre going to lift it. ItâÄôs gone now.âÄô The moratorium has been replaced now by tougher and clearer risk-management polices and changes in our bylaws.âÄù
The IFC has been working with the Office of Student Affairs to create Arkeo, a peer monitoring group that will ensure policies are being followed by chapters who choose to have events.
Also, only greek fraternity guests will be allowed to attend functions where alcohol is being served, and theyâÄôll be limited to a one-to-one ratio, meaning if there are twenty fraternity members, there can be only 20 guests.
Chorzempa said this was put in place to ensure things remain under control and that the people who have been part of these new solutions will be able to participate, instead of non-greeks, who may view this as a free-for-all.
The original moratorium prohibited guests from consuming alcohol at chapter houses affiliated with the IFC and was put in place following three reported sexual assaults in fraternities.
The IFC has also discussed the possibility of hiring a private security guard in the future if it removes the limitations on guests at parties established by the new rules.
-Minnesota Daily staff contributedto this report.