University apologizes for culturally offensive event

by Taylor Nachtigal

The University of Minnesota is apologizing for a theme party it recently hosted on campus that some campus community members criticized for being inappropriate and offensive. 

Students and the school's Goldy Gopher mascot wore sombreros and ponchos at the "Galactic Fiesta" event in the St. Paul Student Center's game room, which was sponsored by the University's Student Unions and Activities, according to an email sent to students, staff and faculty on Tuesday by Vice Provost and Dean of Students Danita Brown Young.

The email stated that the student planners for the event were unaware of the negative impacts and said the Office of Student Affairs is committed to offering programming and resources for all in the campus community.

"We may not get everything right at all times, but at an institution of higher education, we are committed to learn from our past experiences to improve our collective future," Brown Young wrote in the email.

In the email, she also offered a specific apology to members of the school's Chicano and Latino communities.

"We can do better. We must do better. … We will do better," the email read.