Stadium shouldn’t hurt charity

The new Vikings stadium should be built at the Metrodome site.

by Daily Editorial Board

The new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings is still in need of a location, and the Farmers Market area is among several options being considered. While this location might be convenient, it would drastically hurt the Sharing and Caring Hands organization. The charityâÄôs founder, Mary Jo Copeland, wrote a letter to the Star Tribune stating that the stadium would shut down the charity.
Sharing and Caring Hands helps thousands of Minneapolitans in need. The organization serves more than 240,000 meals a year and gave 10,000 showers to those without access just last year, according to its website.
This type of service is much more important than the football stadium. With thousands of people in need in Minneapolis, Sharing and Caring Hands provides a wide variety of services and help with its central location of Minneapolis.
With other site options available, the Farmers Market location should not be considered, as it would shut down a charity that many depend on.
Copeland was already forced to move her charity once in the 1980s for the Minnesota TimberwolvesâÄô Target Center. The city of Minneapolis should focus on choosing a location for the new stadium that will not hurt such essential organizations.
Copeland suggested in her letter that the Metrodome site is the best option since itâÄôs the least expensive and would do the least damage to its surroundings. Furthermore, there is already infrastructure around that site to support a stadium and moving the location would be a waste. It simply makes the most sense to build the new stadium at the Metrodome site.