Daily Digest: Thursday edition

by Lisa Zehner

The last presidential candidates debate is over! Now it’s up to us to decide, so choose wisely. But in the mean time here is a brief look at the news involving the U. The University of Minnesota’s Duluth campus is in the spotlight. UMD is hosting the U.S. Senate candidates third debate tonight, Star Tribune reports. Republican Norm Coleman, Democrat Al Franken and Independence Party candidate Dean Barkley will answer questions from a moderator. They will have two more debates after this one. The Board of Regents will be traveled up to UMD for its monthly meeting that will be held today and tomorrow, Duluth News Tribune reports. The main task on the agenda is taking action on President Bob Bruinink’s proposed biennial state budget request, which is about $141.2 million requested and includes another tuition increase for students. They approve Bruinink’s proposals traditionally about 98 percent of the time, according to a Daily report several years ago. University economists were also featured in several stories regarding a recent panel disucssion. Minnpost writer Dan Haugen reported on the recent panel held at the Humphrey Institute on Tuesday. The panel, featuring state economist Tom Stinson and several University economics professors, addressed the financial crisis. Haugen’s summation was mostly that the panel came up with no real solutions to the problem. The panel of economy experts also concluded that the government should avoid over-regulating because it could potential create more “recklessness” in the market, according to a report in Finance and Commerce. Check back with us tomorrow. Mr. Rose will likely be providing the digest of news. Vadim Lavrusik Editor in Chief