Bush twins stump for dad

by Kari Petrie

Family commitment and a desire to see their dad win another election brought President George W. Bush’s twin daughters Thursday to St. Paul, the two said.

Jenna Bush and Barbara Bush, both 22, spoke to approximately 100 College Republicans members from across the state at the Bush-Cheney campaign headquarters in St. Paul.

Jenna Bush, the blonde daughter, said she and her sister decided to spend the next 40 days campaigning for their dad. She said this would be the president’s last campaign for office.

“Thank God,” she said.

Barbara Bush, the brunette, said it wasn’t hard to decide to campaign for her dad.

“Obviously, our dad is an awesome president,” she said.

Never touching on campaign issues, the first daughters focused on their parents’ characters. Jenna Bush said her dad’s open-mindedness and discipline make him a good president.

Jenna Bush told the story of going to a baseball game with her dad. The temperature was 108 degrees and she wanted to leave, she said. But her dad made her stay until the end.

“My dad always supports his team until the very end,” she said.

Barbara Bush said her mother’s commitment to women’s issues makes her a “rock star.”

“Even if she is in bed by 9:30,” she said.

Being a Republican college student isn’t always easy, Barbara Bush said.

“People think you shouldn’t vote Republican until you are 40,” she said.

She thanked the students for their support.

Family social sciences senior Maija Boitman said she liked hearing from the twins. She said she agrees with the president on his position on the U.S. occupation in Iraq and his tax cuts.

Retail merchandising and business management junior Lisa Eisele said she attended the event because she is a supporter of the president.

She said she thinks politicians listen to young people and care about what they think.

“We’re the future,” Eisele said. “They need to listen to us.”