Groups should follow NCAA’s stand against flag

On Friday the NCAA announced it will cancel future events in South Carolina unless the state removes the Confederate Flag from atop the Statehouse. Joining only a few other organizations in protest against the flag, the NCAA is courageously deciding to use its influence to protest a symbol offensive to many residents of the state and many of its own constituents as well.
The NCAA’s executive committee decided the flag must be removed by Aug. 11, or currently scheduled tournaments will be moved to other locations. The deadline offers South Carolina’s Legislature a generous amount of time to decide the flag’s fate — hopefully to remove it.
However, the NCAA is unfortunately only one of a small number of prominent national organizations that have chosen to express displeasure with the flag’s placement. The NAACP had previously announced the most drastic measure of protest against the flag, enacting a tourism boycott of the state, which became effective on Jan. 1.
The flag truly creates an “intolerable environment,” according to Charles Wethington, the NCAA’s executive committee chairman, for many of the NCAA’s athletes, fans and employees. Hopefully the organization will not only persuade the state’s Legislature to agree, but also encourage other organizations to use their prominence and influence to act similarly.