Shocked that so…

by Bei Hu

Shocked that someone fired a gun in University President Nils Hasselmo’s office Tuesday morning, University students and staff have mixed feelings about how the campus community should respond to the incident.
“This is so bad, absolutely horrible,” said Regent Hyon Kim. “We have so many issues to cover. … We just don’t need this kind of crazy incident.”
Kim’s reaction was echoed by other members of the University community, many of whom described the incident as “scary” or “dangerous.”
Joseph Sanders, a recent University graduate, said he began to think about his own safety after the incident. Sanders works in the Office of the Bursar in Williamson Hall, one block from where the shooting occurred.
“I would imagine that, at least in the near future, there will be more screening before people actually get in the (University president’s) office,” Sanders said.
Daniel Kenward, a nursing student, expected the incident would have long-term effects on how business is handled at the University. He said he feared that in the future it would be more difficult for students to call on University officials.
Students and faculty members, including University Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Jim Infante, think some extra security measures should be taken until the suspect is caught.
But some people consider the shooting an isolated incident and doubt the University needs extra security.
“Why should we get effected by this craziness of one person? Things should go on as it is,” Kim said.