Favre-y the Blowman

Brave New Workshop brings holiday cheer by mocking a decrepit old man.

by Tony Libera

âÄúBrett FavreâÄôs Christmas Spectacular II: The Second ComingâÄù

WHEN: Various dates, through Jan. 29

WHERE: Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre

TICKETS: Prices vary, http://tickets.bravenewworkshop.com/


Brett FavreâÄôs 2010 return to football has been nothing short of flaccid (ahem). But while we Vikings fans cry ourselves to sleep each and every Sunday night, comedians find themselves a giddy bunch, reaping the benefits of FavreâÄôs on-field woes and his off-the-field tomfoolery.

The folks at The Brave New Workshop find themselves in such a position, once again focusing on The Patron Saint of Interceptions for this yearâÄôs holiday show, âÄúBrett FavreâÄôs Christmas Spectacular II: The Second Coming.âÄù

âÄúTypically with our holiday show we bring back a few things that hit well in past years, but as far as the Favre sequel, with the success of the first one, we kind of waited âÄòtil the last possible minute to find out if Favre was going to come back or not,âÄù Bobby Gardner, BNW cast member, said.

Once it was determined that the old flip-flopper was verifiably back for another year, the crew began rounding out the Favre-centric portion of the show. As time went on, as level of play went down and as more of FavreâÄôs (alleged) SMS shenanigans came to light, the Brave New Workshop found itself flooded with material to draw from.

âÄúThe more crap that he gets into and the more injuries and the worse he plays, the easier it is for us to make fun of him,âÄù Gardner said. âÄúSo, itâÄôs not too difficult; heâÄôs made it pretty easy for us the last couple years.âÄù

The show is equal parts new and familiar, with the Brave New Workshop lifting fan favorites from past shows, while still pressing forward.

âÄúWe typically like to keep it fresh, not only for the audiences but for us, too, âÄòcause we do it every year,âÄù Gardner said. âÄúSo we do change things up, but we still like to keep the tried and true jokes in there that the people who have seen many holiday shows come to expect, because for some families itâÄôs kind of become their holiday tradition.âÄù

âÄúBrett FavreâÄôs Christmas Spectacular II: The Second Coming,âÄù as the title suggests, is a show rooted in wackiness. But for all the absurdity of demolished cars and dinosaur roars, itâÄôs the close examination of basic Minnesotan truths âÄî sickness, emotional detachment, and, of course, the weather âÄî that garners the most laughs.

âÄúWeâÄôre all from the Midwest, so these are all experiences and people that weâÄôve come into contact with or experienced in some way,âÄù Gardner said. âÄúEspecially around the holiday times it seems like a lot of the weird traditions and a lot of the weird crap comes out. Winter in Minnesota is just a weird phenomenon that everybody in Minnesota loves to talk about.âÄù

As winter begins, and as FavreâÄôs career staggers toward its end, Gardner wonders whatâÄôs in store for the holiday show without the ripe and deserving comedic fodder that is Brett Lorenzo Favre.

âÄúI donâÄôt know what weâÄôre going to do next year. Maybe âÄòDonovan McNabbâÄôs Christmas Spectacular.âÄôâÄù