Pharmacy college, Fairview approve program integration

The University’s College of Pharmacy and Fairview Health Systems announced a partnership Thursday, incorporating the company’s inpatient and outpatient pharmacies into the college’s clinical training program.
Both the University and Fairview Health Systems will contribute to the cost of the program, said Katherine Johnston, chief financial officer for the Academic Health Center.
The amount of the contributions is being reviewed in the budget process, Johnston said.
“It’s a win-win situation all the way around,” said College of Pharmacy Dean Dr. Marilyn Speedie.
She said the college needed sites to train students for their professional doctorate in pharmaceutical care. The degree, introduced in 1995, increases pharmacists’ roles in monitoring and evaluating prescribed medicine.
The College’s first class will begin five-week rotations in June 1998.
Under the partnership, three of Fairview’s outpatient pharmacy clinics will be converted to pharmaceutical care sites.
The transition will shift clinics’ focuses from dispensing drugs to being more comprehensive facilities.
At the renovated sites, pharmacists will evaluate the dosage and effectiveness of medication for patients, provide counseling, and track side effects.
— Melanie Evans