Radio K celebrates a decade of excellence

Blandness has become the defining characteristic of mainstream American culture. Television has been reduced to commercials, sports and sex. Music has been reduced to sex perversion and the glorification of escapism. Commercial radio has become a putrid but stale orgy of a few corporate-anointed artists. All is lost for television. For unfortunate souls who do not have access to a locally run radio station, music and radio have long been irrelevant to their everyday lives.

Fortunately, the Twin Cities has a few community-oriented and innovative radio stations, the best being the University’s Radio K. Radio K has been the metaphorical lighthouse of the West Bank, saving listeners by beaming its signal of innovative, local and independent music for the past decade.

Radio K has proven vital to the local music scene by providing artists access to an audience they are normally denied by profit-oriented radio stations. The music selection is constantly changing. To top it off, 10 specialty shows focus on everything from obscure vinyl recordings to international music to the hippest college radio artists.

Aside from providing a rewarding listening experience, Radio K sponsors charity events in support of AIDS victims, the homeless, battered women, food shelves and sexual violence awareness. Not to be outdone, Radio K, through volunteer opportunities, also provides vital experience for aspiring radio jockeys, producers, broadcast writers and music enthusiasts. With a 770 AM broadcast radius of just 80 miles and a 106.5 FM signal serving the west metro, Radio K is still more vital to the Twin Cities community than larger radio stations.

Radio K has won numerous awards both locally and nationally since it first broadcast Oct. 1, 1993. The University has come a long way since the days of broadcasting football games via Morse code. Past University radio stations have all come and gone as a result of name changes and acquisitions. We hope Radio K is here to stay. The station is one of the many underappreciated treasures at the University. Happy 10th birthday, Radio K.