Unlicensed driver hits former U student

by Rocky Thompson

A man driving with a suspended license hit a former University student riding a bicycle March 28 at the intersection of Fulton Street and East River Road.

An off-duty Minneapolis police officer stopped his vehicle and assisted at the scene until University police arrived.

After the car struck the woman, she complained of back pain but refused to take an ambulance, saying she would walk the half block to the hospital, according to the police report.

“It’s policy that we generally don’t transport medical cases to the hospital,” University Police Capt. Steve Johnson said.

The accident occurred when the driver turned onto Fulton Street and hit the victim with the right front bumper of his car, damaging the bike and car. The driver was arrested.

In other police news:

University police responded to four vehicle break-ins over the weekend.

Police are actively investigating one of two cases in which a parking permit was the only stolen item.

Other victims lost radios, CDs and personal items.

The previous week, University and Minneapolis police worked together to stop a rash of vehicle break-ins in which burglars punched in multiple car locks in high-traffic areas.

Johnson said he looked at the four cases and does not think they are connected.


A man backed his vehicle into a parked car on the south side of Delaware Street in front of the Phillips-Wangensteen Building before driving away and parking on the other side of the street in front of Moos Tower.

A witness reported the crime at the University Police Department, across from Moos Tower.

The man was not arrested and did not receive a ticket, according to the vehicle accident report.

Johnson said he is happy a witness saw the crime and took time to report it. He added: “You have some time to report an accident.”