Hypnotist successfully amuses

by Jessica Hampton

After hearing that the evening’s entertainment was once arrested for trying to hypnotize a state trooper in Iowa, the St. Paul Student Center roared with applause.
Sami Dare visited the St. Paul Student Center last night to work her magic with the microphone. Dare is the nation’s only female mass hypnotist.
“Everything tonight is of a scientific nature,” Dare proclaimed to the silent auditorium.
Hypnosis, according to Dare, is an “incredible journey into our imaginations.”
“Everyone can be hypnotized,” she said with a smile.
And she wasn’t kidding. Taking 15 audience members, she relaxed them enough with her voice to get them to raise their arms in front of them.
Telling the audience that laughter and applause would only push them further into the hypnotic trance, the audience roared with laughter and applause.
She then told the volunteers that their arms would be immobile until she placed her hand on their foreheads.
Brad Hasskamp, one of the most responsive volunteers told Dare when asked about how his outstretched arm felt replied, “It hurts really bad. It’s like its being chopped off or something.”
Dare coaxed the subjects into moving as though they were rowing boats, fishing, drinking beverages from coolers and even had the subjects convinced that the people adjacent to them reeked of the world’s most awful scent imaginable.
“It smells like something must have died,” Hasskamp firmly said.
According to Dare, a few minutes of hypnosis would be more relaxing than a full night’s sleep.
No one danced around like chickens or took their clothes off, which Dare said was “always a disappointment to the perverts,” but she definitely got a reaction from the hypnotized as well as those who just tagged along for the ride.