Students hold music event in wake of election

Students gathered on West Bank to sing and discuss their feelings about Donald Trump’s election

by Eliana Schreiber

A group of about 40 students gathered at the West Bank outdoor amphitheater near Ferguson Hall Friday afternoon, singing songs like “Lean on Me” and other uplifting, hopeful melodies.

Several music students hosted the “Stronger Together” event in hopes of coming together during a divided time in the country post-election.

Music senior Irene Kelly said she woke up Wednesday morning and didn’t know how to respond to the election of Donald Trump.

Kelly said when she went to her classes Wednesday, many students were crying.

“This felt like something we could do immediately,” she said.

Music Education senior Lindsay Lundeen said music students like herself know the power of making music together, which inspired the event.

Lundeen said she and other event organizers needed a moment to be together, and wanted to extend the gathering to the larger University community.

“Music is a place for everyone to be loved,” she said.

As an aspiring music teacher, Lundeen said, “I want all my students to know that they are not only wanted but absolutely needed.”

Music senior Valentina Sierra said after Donald Trump was elected, she wasn’t sure how to deal with what the future holds.

She said she is scared for her safety, despite being a U.S. citizen, pointing to other acts of violence that have already taken place on campus since Tuesday.

“Even though I look American and I sound American … I’m from Colombia,” Sierra said.