Bipartisan bias

I’m confused by the incoherent editorial (“Victory for Bush’s hypocrisy”) that appeared Nov. 7. What exactly is The Minnesota Daily’s definition of “bipartisanship?” It does not mean that liberals get everything they want from a conservative president. It’s silly to expect that. In fact, it means quite the opposite. Bipartisanship means compromise and compromise means “not” getting what you want.

I’m further confused by the specific association of campaigning with bipartisanship. Does the Daily really expect a “bipartisan” president to not campaign? Where was the mention of all the Democrats campaigning for Republicans? It was absent because there were none!

Bipartisanship does not mean that you don’t try to get your “friends” elected and it certainly doesn’t mean you try to get your opponents elected. I can see no logical basis for this association.

Richard Voyles, assistant professor, computer science and engineering, Independence Party member