Daily Digest: Tough economy and crying is healthy

by Lisa Zehner

Hello everyone. Today was a busy day with a false bomb threat at Anderson Hall and just minutes ago, the University of Minnesota President announcing a hiring freeze. Economy is not looking good, and starting next mid-week the Daily is going to bring you a series that looks at how the struggling economy is impacting the University.

Feel like crying? Well, go ahead cause it keeps the body healthy and  reduces stress for nine out of 10 people and some researchers are thinking about inducing crying, according to an article in Independent. The article features interesting statistics about crying and a University of Minnesota professor William Frey, who advocates crying and is quoted as saying, "Because unalleviated stress can increase our risk for heart attack and damage certain areas of our brain, the human ability to cry has survival value."

The University is hosting a conference on the topic of Positive Aging this Wednesday. Kare11 has an interesting profile that references the conference on a 77-year-old woman who teaches a water aerobics class. Mary Jo Kreitzer, director of the Center for Spirituality and Healing at the University and is scheduled to speak at the conference refers to the baby boomers as the healthiest bunch of Americans to come through beyond their 50s.

That’s it for Tuesday. We’ll see you back tomorrow with more news briefly. I’m gonna go cry for my health now.