The Daily didn’t start the fire

Anyone who has picked up an issue of The Minnesota Daily within the past two weeks has been made more than aware of the riot that occurred in Dinkytown during Spring Jam. Like many, I have grown tired of hearing such banter âÄî indeed, people were hurt, property was destroyed and President Bob BruininksâÄô hopes of making us a top research institution were dashed. But enough of it, already. Yet today, as I was making my way toward the back pages for my dose of Dr. Date, I noticed in your article âÄúAnatomy of a RiotâÄù that one of your cited âÄúContributing FactorsâÄù was âÄúThe Minnesota Daily headline âÄòNo party patrol for Spring Jam.âÄô âÄù It all makes sense now. I firmly and sincerely believe that it was the DailyâÄôs intent to insinuate a riot during Spring Jam all along. Growing weak from your journalistic drought since the November elections (Bless our Lord and Savior Obama) and the endless Coleman-Franken debacle, you decided that starting a âÄúnoisy or unruly assemblyâÄù would entitle you to a literary mine that would turn your pages of black and white to solid gold for the remainder of the year, and possibly the next. You should be ashamed. But I digress. Enough with reports of the Dinkytown riot âÄîstop beating a dead horse. With any luck youâÄôll have another one to cover in the next five years, anyway. Jacob T. Ristow University student