Trump would be bully-in-chief

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and other candidates for the Republican presidential nomination have lied repeatedly about the nuclear agreement with Iran, the Affordable Care Act, our immigration processes, Syrian refugees and other issues. Trump has played upon the fears and dissatisfaction of Republican voters in such a vulgar manner that he has damaged political discourse in this country.
Several of Trump’s projects may have filed for financial bankruptcy in the past, but his ad hominem attacks on other candidates, women, members of the press, the disabled, Muslims and Hispanics show that now he should file for moral bankruptcy.
His disdain for racial and ethnic minorities has given encouragement to white nationalists and other xenophobic groups. Equally distressing is the number of his Republican supporters who cheer him on.
When will Trump’s disgruntled supporters realize he is nothing more than an unscrupulous, demagogic showman? They need to see that their anger and frustration are misdirected.
Trump seems to be campaigning for bully-in-chief instead of the American presidency. He has not put forth one workable solution to any of the nation’s problems, yet he claims, if elected, he will solve them all — by sheer will, perhaps. 
Trump may be entertaining to some (and good for TV ratings), but he is too reckless and uninformed to be trusted with the responsibilities of the presidency.
Don Strasser
This letter originally appeared in Mankato Free Press on Jan. 15.