The acquisition of Fairview

A University-Fairview merger would be good for the University, Fairview and the state of Minnesota.

by Editorial board


University of Minnesota President Kaler recently announced a proposal set forth by the University to acquire Fairview Health Services. Amid talks of a merger between South Dakota-based Sanford Health and Fairview made public last week, the University’s opportunity to continue its partnership with Fairview through a formal acquisition is a promising one.

As mentioned by the editorial board last week, a Sanford Health takeover of Fairview raises concerns. Not only would an out-of-state organization have some control of and access to University-run medical institutions, Sanford’s potential influence in education and research at the University’s teaching hospital is also troubling.

The University acquiring Fairview after the latter organization took control of the University’s medical center in 1997 is a very real and encouraging possibility and is also a step forward in continuing to strengthen its already stellar reputation as a world-class academic, research and health care institution. The Star Tribune reported that both Stanford University and the University of Michigan have acquired local medical centers in efforts to keep university medical interests integrated with their surrounding communities.

As Kaler made note of in a variety of ways in his letter to Fairview’s interim Chief Executive Officer Charles Mooty, a University-Fairview merger would be beneficial for both institutions.

The University offers its world-renowned research and commitment to educational excellence, and a continued partnership with Fairview ensures a sustained dedication to investments in local communities and in the health of all Minnesotans.