A dangerous journey across the border

by Eva Thomas- University student

Why is it that the number of deaths along the United States-Mexican border increased by 27 percent in 2012? Because of the strict border control policies that are forcing immigrants to travel dangerous and often deadly new routes in search of a better life.

In recent years, the U.S. Border Control has called for stricter border regulations, and many times, these regulations violate the basic human rights we are entitled to.

It can be said that the U.S. Border Policy is essentially one giant human rights abuse. Along the border, immigrants who have traveled thousands of miles in hopes of a better life are subjected to horrible conditions. Unwarranted strip searches, the use of excessive force and being detained for long periods of time without explanations are a few things that await the immigrants after their long and treacherous journeys.

Hundreds are forced into evermore isolated areas because of the “prevention through deterrence” strategy of immigration enforcement. This strategy seeks to redirect the immigrants into dangerous terrain with the explicit aim of placing them in serious danger, and this has resulted in thousands of deaths.

Immigrants are not there to steal the jobs of U.S. citizens. They are looking for new opportunities and a better life for their families.

We must remember that all humans, irrespective of their legal status, have human rights.