MSA to push for campus cell phone charging stations

A resolution for a new system for student release questions is also expected to pass.

by Cody Nelson

The Minnesota Student Association will discuss installing cell phone charging stations on campus at its forum on Tuesday night.

The student association will present a budget request for installing cell phone chargers in high-traffic areas at the University of Minnesota.

Mick Hedberg, co-director of MSA’s facilities, housing and transit committee, said he hopes to test the chargers in the Science Teaching and Student Services building after getting a cost estimation for the project.

“A lot of students are out and about for the entire day and their phones die out,” Hedberg said. “It’s a common sense thing that’s pretty cost effective to do,” Hedberg said.

MSA will also vote on a resolution in support of a new system for student release questions.

Currently, professors have to opt-in if they want student release questions to be made public. This resolution would support a system where students’ answers are automatically released and professors would have to opt-out if they want students’ answers private.

MSA’s University Policies and Student Concerns Director Marissa Kramer said she expects “overwhelming support” for the resolution.