Another response to crime in fraternity

by Sam Khouri - University student

This is in response to Chelsea DenissenâÄôs Sept. 23 letter to the editor, âÄúGreeks Not to Blame,âÄù referencing recent events that took place at a fraternity house on University Avenue. Her point was that the assaults and lack of security were not the greek membersâÄô fault and that as greeks, we must all band together to support our fellow house in despair. I would like to apologize on behalf of greeks for that incredibly oblivious letter and hope that you do not look upon her letter as a representation of the rest of our greek community.
Let me start by saying that the crime is the fault of the greek members in the accused fraternity house âÄî though perhaps not all âÄî despite prior claims made by Denissen. If a party was run without the appropriate level of security, it is no oneâÄôs fault but the members of the fraternity. If you go to a night club and get raped in the bathroom, you donâÄôt blame yourself for having to pee; you blame the lack of security provided at the club.
Furthermore, as if to add another layer of ignorance and elitism to the argument, Denissen continued to tell the rest of the student body to mind their own business, as if campus safety was not their business. If IâÄôm not mistaken, the University sent out an e-mail and text with a safety alert regarding the events. Should the University mind its own business?
If there is one sensible point made in last ThursdayâÄôs letter, it is that non-affiliated and even affiliated members of this campus do use our properties as if they were public. During my tenure in the greek community, I cannot count the number of people that have stood on our front lawns drinking out of their backpacks or approached our houses on even Wednesday nights asking for alcohol. Whether youâÄôre greek or not, treat our properties with respect, please. When we hold parties, they come with responsibilities. If you mess up, own up to it. Realize that the people outside of the greek community are not dirt for you to tread on. Their safety is their business.