Road safety

FridayâÄôs unsettling headline, âÄú… bus runs over biker’s legs …âÄù points to yet another bicycle and motor vehicle collision in Minneapolis. I have no idea who was at fault in this case but I do know that bicycle-car accidents are increasing in this city and that the University area is particularly dangerous for bicyclists. I ride my bicycle to work and use our familyâÄôs car for running errands. From riding my bike, I know that one should always assume that a driver is not looking for bicyclists. From driving my car, I know that bicyclists are hard to see at night âÄî even with tiny, blinking tail lights and legally mandated head lamps âÄî and are prone to drive carelessly through red lights, stop signs and crosswalks, which is beyond idiotic, as no driver automatically looks half a block down for sidewalk-riding bicycles when drifting out to turn at an intersection. Riders and drivers need not only to follow laws related to lights, bicycle lane directions, right of way, etc., but need to assume that other drivers and riders are not aware of one’s presence nor are following those same laws. There is just too much at stake not to take such basic precautions. Tom Moore University staff