Students browsing through the Spring 1999 Course Guide today might have seen an insert proclaiming undergraduates who register for 15-plus credits will get registration priority.
With a little time for reflection, administrators have decided to retract that policy.
Craig Swan, vice provost, said the policy, which was initially approved by the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, was intended to get students to take full course loads under semesters.
He said administrators decided that the 15-plus incentive might penalize students who take full loads in alternative ways.
Under the proposed plan, students who took 15 credits each semester would have the same registration priority that seniors now enjoy. Spring quarter would have been the first opportunity for such students to get first registration.
But if students took 14 credits one semester and 16 the next, they would not receive priority for the first quarter.
Swan said the real issue is course availability. If courses were more readily available, registration priority would not be such an issue, he said.
“[Better course access] is something we’re striving for,” Swan said.
With the policy retraction, registration priority will remain the same as it is under quarters, with a small credit adjustment for the new semester system.
The current policy gives registration priority to those with senior status.

— Nichol Nelson