Brew, buns and fun:

In the hazy cold of winter, there’s a place to go for some toasty buns — and a pretty mean tuna sub, too.
Just a hop, skip and a jump off campus, The Big 10 bar and grill is a one-stop place for beer, buns and fun. That’s why Daily readers voted to hand it the Grapevine Award for best sub shop.
Turkey, roast beef, ham, salami or whatever the tastebuds desire top these delectable treats.
The French loaf clothes the over-compensational zappy tomatoes, overflowing lettuce and unmerciful onions. And the added spice from the garlic butter, Mallrats and the restaurant’s secret oil makes everything A-OK.
With lunchtime meal deals and nighttime beer specials there is always something going on.
The restaurant opens at 11 a.m. and closes at bar time.
For a quick grab, customers can go to the express counter and grab an ice cream cone to boot. And if that doesn’t serve one’s fancy, try the chocolate-covered Rice Krispie bar.
On Thursday nights it takes on a church-like atmosphere. There’s no better mix than beer and bingo. With games every 20 or 30 minutes, it’s easy to score some extra cash. (Just ask Daily employee Douglas Rojas Sosa who stopped in for a brew and left with C-note.)
If that doesn’t sell it for you, come for the $4 pitchers of Grainbelt Premium to start the weekend early.

— Nancy Ngo