Support a sports major

by Brandon Piekarski — University student

The set-up and grading system of a major in âÄúsportsâÄù would be difficult; however, athletes competing for the University of Minnesota deserve the chance to pursue something they are passionate about as a major and potential career. University athletes are neither getting paid nor receiving credit, yet put in hours upon hours of training every week.

There are also many non-athletes who also put in hours of effort outside of any University athletic program. Last year, for example, after several marathons I ran my first 50-mile ultramarathon in October. The race took over eight hours âÄî I donâÄôt think you will find another class at the University with that long of a final, or one that requires as much training. I donâÄôt receive a scholarship for this athletic pursuit, but I continue to do it. If I had the opportunity to major in it, I would.

I enjoy what I do, as do all athletes, but that doesnâÄôt make it easy. Being an athlete requires hard work, sometimes in very harsh conditions. We athletes deserve some credit for this hard work.

The hours of hard training inevitably teach athletes many life lessons and help us build character in ways that other classes at the University donâÄôt or canâÄôt. Give athletes the same opportunity as all the other students on campus and let them pursue their passion as a major.