Recruiters draw students

by Erin Ghere

Students crowded under large circus-like tents on Northrop Mall for various reasons Wednesday afternoon: some for information, some for education and some for a break from reality.
The Institute of Technology Tech Fair — a portion of the University’s IT Week — began Wednesday and featured booths, tables and different types of technologies, including a virtual reality demonstration by IBM Corp.
Students crowded around the five-station machine to get a look at the new technology and take a few minutes to experience their own virtual reality.
Farnaz Toussi, an IBM representative, said the attraction had been popular all day.
Although rain dampened the number of midday guests, the fair attracted students, faculty members and professionals.
“I stopped by to look around, get some information and see what companies have to offer,” said freshman Nancy Mahagnoul.
Companies including St. Jude’s Hospital, Unisys Corporation, the Minneapolis Star Tribune and Northern States Power Company showed up for the two-day event.
The fair is an opportunity for employers to introduce themselves to future graduates, said Thomas Hudinsky, a project engineer for Deltak Corporation, a steam generator equipment manufacturer.
Katie Boyce, a representative for the State of Minnesota, said the centralized amount of students makes the fair appealing. It is easier for companies to come to students than for students to seek out employment around the area, she added.
“The University is a vault of qualified students,” she said.
Minnesota Technical Assistance Program came to the fair because they hire eight University students each summer for internships.
By coming to the fair, the company can re-connect with students who have interviewed with them and attract other students to the jobs they have to offer, said company representative Deb McKinley.
Some guests had some weather- related problems; by one o’clock, water was flooding in through tent doors. Representatives from Apple computers, stationed next to a door, had to move some of their pricey merchandise to avoid having it damaged.
The fair continues today from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.