Ellison for Congress

Since 1963, the Minnesota Democrat Farmer-Labor party has occupied the congressional seat in MinnesotaâÄôs 5th district. This consistency is no doubt due, in part, to the demographics of the Minneapolis area and the progressive politics naturally generated by the University of Minnesota. Due to his effective representation of this liberal constituency, as well as the positions on which he has chosen to campaign, the editorial board has chosen to endorse Keith Ellison for Congress. Afflicted by the same inertia that characterizes most freshmen congressmen, Mr. EllisonâÄôs influence in legislation has been largely in his votes. Notably, Ellison threw his support behind the 2007 âÄú100 Hour Plan.âÄù In addition, Mr. Ellison supports comprehensive health care coverage, fair immigration reform, government-directed transition to alternative energy sources and a withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. Moreover, as one of the most visible members of the American Muslim community and its only elected representative at the national level, EllisonâÄôs re-election enables him to advocate for a group that has minimal presence in government institutions beyond those stationed at Guantanamo Bay. Although religion alone is an inappropriate and frivolous reason to support any candidate, the peripheral benefit of improving national dialogue and governmental responsiveness by maintaining Muslim legislative representation should not be understated. We wholeheartedly support EllisonâÄôs re-election bid, and encourage citizens in the 5th district to cast their votes for him on Election Day.